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The Firestriker is a short-range incendiary cannon capable of dealing high blast damage, and is very similar to the Firespitter but with increased damage per rocket and ammo capacity.

How to obtain

Firestrikers can be obtained from Heavy-type Shadow Carja soldiers. Take down the soldier wielding it and it will be ready for use. Some named enemies also wield them, such as Zaid and Tarav.


Fired from the hip and dealing varying levels of damage, the weapon comes with a 45-round magazine and fires primitive but powerful rockets with timed fuses that detonate shortly after they attach to a target. The rockets also deal a small amount of Area Of Effect damage after the initial detonation. Aloy can bring down a large number of machines and humans before the magazine is spent and the weapon must be dropped, as it cannot be reloaded.


  • High blast damage.
  • High rate of fire.
  • Large magazine size (compared to the other explosive pickup weapon, the Disc Launcher).
  • Knocks over and staggers softer targets.


  • Dangerous to the user in close quarters.
  • Ammunition can be rapidly depleted.
  • Inaccurate past medium range, as the rockets arc in flight.
  • Like all pickup weapons, it slows Aloy down while carrying it.
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