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Fia is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Fia is a healer-in-training for the Nora tribe, hailing from Mother's Rise, and the niece and protégé of former Matriarch Enara. After the War Party massacre, Fia was left in charge of the Braves too wounded to be transported to Mother's Heart.


Having barely learned the basics of healing, Fia lacks confidence in herself and her abilities. However, this does not dissuade her from helping in any way she can, indicating a kind heart. Adding to this is her admiration and gratitude towards Aloy, acknowledging the unfairness of the tribe's prejudice, especially after all she has done for the Nora.

Associated quests

Insult to Injury

Fia is the primary quest-givers for Insult to Injury, the alternate being Enara. If Aloy accepts the quest from her, then she will ask Aloy to check the Brave trails for Dreamwillow caches, which she has run out of.

After checking the Brave trails, Aloy will inform Fia that there only Shards in the caches. Puzzled at this development, Fia suggests that she check to see if Jun has gathered more, but warns her about the dangerous machines nearby.

After Aloy helps him recover it, Jun gives the Dreamwillow he has to Fia. Fia keeps a portion for a mortally wounded Brave, sending the rest to Enara in Mother's Heart.


  • If Insult to Injury is completed before The Heart of the Nora, Fia can be seen and interacted with inside the Mountain.
    • Regardless of the quest's completion, Fia can be seen helping Yan to his feet, watching as Aloy enters the Cradle.


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