Fernund is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is an Oseram scrap dealer who lives and works in the Carja settlement of Brightmarket. A greedy, shifty man, he is not above using criminal means, including assault and murder, to get valuable items to sell. This included the Nora huntress Aloy's spear, which he attempted to obtain by just such means, an act he came to greatly regret.

Associated Quests

A Curious Proposal

Fernund encountered Aloy while she was at Brightmarket. Her ability to override machines using her spear was well known, and he coveted the weapon to sell. To get it, he offered her a deal in which she would retrieve a box that supposedly contained a valuable Old Ones relic at Dusk Mesa and bring it to him at Meridian Village. He would sell the relic, and they would split the proceeds. However, it was a trap that he had set to get her spear; he meant to ambush her with a gang of thugs at Dusk Mesa and take the spear by force.

Agreeing, though strongly suspicious, Aloy went to Dusk Mesa and found the box. She was not surprised to find that it was empty, neither was she surprised when Fernund appeared with his thugs and demanded the spear as the price for sparing her life. Aloy overcame the thugs. Frightened, Fernund ran off. Aloy suspected that he had fled to Meridian village, and went there to confront him. Sure enough, she found him there. On seeing her, he again fled, but she cornered him outside a locked door. Terrified, he promised to never cross her again, and to warn his fellow criminals not to do so. Aloy warned him to keep these promises.

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