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"When you meet father in the next life, tell him I'm enjoying his money."

Fatal Inheritance is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.


While in Meridian Village, Aloy overhears a young Carja man named Ranaman berating a member of the Carja Guard for the Guard's refusal to help deal with machines that have been incessantly attacking his father's estate. After the Guardsman leaves, Aloy approaches Ranaman. Upon hearing about the situation from him, she offers to go to the estate, kill the machines and investigate the reason for the attacks. Ranaman appears grateful.

Aloy goes to the estate. After killing a prowling Ravager and Watchers, she discovers a lure which emits a signal that is attracting the machines, planted in the warehouse. After destroying it, she hears the cries of a young woman locked in a downstairs room in the house. The woman turns out to be Ranaman's sister, Daradi. Her father locked her in the room to protect her from the attacking machine, before he was killed by them. She informs Aloy that, far from being a concerned, caring son and brother, Ranaman is actually a greedy, murderous criminal whom their father disowned and cut off due to his wickedness. Aloy realizes that it is he who planted the lure, to kill Daradi, their father and everyone else in the family and on the estate in order to claim it as the sole heir.

Ranaman appears with another lure and admits to it all, smugly promising death to the two women when the machines drawn by this new lure arrive. However, his own wickedness destroys him when one of a flock of Glinthawks attracted by the lure seizes him, carries him off, and kills him. In the process, the lure is destroyed. Daradi again takes refuge in the house while Aloy successfully engages and kills the Glinthawks. Daradi thanks Aloy and gives her a Remarkable Reward Box in gratitude. Aloy leaves the estate.

Alternate ending

This quest can be completed without performing many of the objectives. After defeating the machines found at the estate, Aloy can return immediately to Ranaman without investigating the area, ending the quest. Completing the quest in this manner leads to the presumed death of Daradi, and Ranaman succeeding in his deception. This could be considered an easter egg, as the player is given no indication that returning to Ranaman at this stage of the quest is an option. If Aloy returns to the estate after ending the quest prematurely, neither Daradi nor the machine lure will be present, and the workshop will be permanently locked.


  1. Go to Ranaman's Family Estate
  2. Kill the Machines
  3. Find the Source of the Shouting
  4. Unblock the Door
  5. Investigate the Estate to learn more about why the machines attacked.
  6. Enter the Workshop
  7. Investigate the Workshop
  8. Return to Daradi
  9. Kill the Machines
  10. Talk to Daradi



Fatal Inheritance - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide-0

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