Far Zenith was an Old Ones think tank organization that was responsible for the revival of the Odyssey colony ship project.


Far Zenith was described as a "futurist consortium" that claimed to comprise seventy-seven of the world's wealthiest persons. The organization was very secretive and their spokesperson, Osvald Dalgaard, was the only publicly acknowledged member, while also serving as their mouthpiece.[1]

Remains of a Far Zenith Model K Ectogenic chamber in ruins

Far Zenith's goal was to extend humanity's reach into outer space, and in 2061 they purchased the Odyssey project which had been abandoned four years earlier due to conflicts among the parties involved in its operation.[2] When knowledge of the Faro Plague became public, Far Zenith accelerated the Odyssey's reconstruction time table. In 2065, Far Zenith's efforts ended in failure when the Odyssey exploded after it attempted to leave the Solar System.[3]

Far Zenith provided prototype ectogenic chambers to Project Zero Dawn, allowing Patrick Brochard-Klein to borrow from their technological advances to develop his own ectochamber model for use in ELEUTHIA Cradle facilities.[4]


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