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Enara is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. She is a healer for the Nora tribe as well as the alternate quest-giver for the side quest Insult to Injury.


Enara is a healer and elder of the Nora tribe, hailing from Mother's Heart. At one point she was a Matriarch, but she lost that rank when her only son died while defending the Sacred Land.

When her niece Fia chose to become a healer, Enara took her under her wing, teaching her everything she knew.

Following the War Party massacre, Enara was assigned to watching over the wounded Braves in Mother's Heart.

Associated Quests

Insult to Injury

Enara serves as the alternate quest-giver for Insult to Injury. Exhausted and irritable, Enara initially snaps at Aloy not to disturb the wounded, apologizing when Aloy explains she came to offer help. As her supply of Dreamwillow has run out, Enara asks that Aloy check the caches along the eastern Brave trails for more. Aloy agrees to look, and a thankful Enara tells her to give what she finds to Fia, who can then bring it to the elder.


  • If Aloy accepts the Insult to Injury quest from her, and before beginning The Heart of the Nora, Enara can be found inside the Sacred Mountain.
  • Although Enara says that she was a Matriarch before her son died, a Nora woman becomes a matriarch when she has grandchildren, meaning that Enara likely has grandchildren of her own.
    • Unless Enara had grandchildren while her son was alive, she would not have been a Matriarch simply by being a mother. If she did not have any grandchildren, she may have been implying that she had the possibility of becoming a Matriarch but lost it when her son died.
  • It is possible that she got her name from the Basque word "enara", which means "swallow".


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