Ellen Evans was a lower-ranked member of Project Zero Dawn.


Evans was the director of one of Project Zero Dawn's sub-divisions. While Evans appeared to have a formal relationship with her staff (insisting on signing off on messages as "Director Evans"), she made some efforts to build a community within the facility, like holding a New Year's celebration.


In January 2066, Evans received word that the Wichita salient had collapsed, and that her facility would be overrun by the Faro Plague within 24 hours. Knowing that exfiltration transport could not arrive in time, Evans informed her staff that who chose to do so could try to escape or foot; at 9:00 PM she would open one of the hatches for 15 minutes. However, this option would certainly result in death due to the robots. Since remaining at the facility would also result in death, she informed her staff of the option to meet in the facility's community room at 10:00 PM, where they would commit mass suicide via medical euthanasia. She and assumedly the majority of her staff chose this option, though one member ultimately decided to end his life via a bullet rather than euthanasia.[1]

In her final message to her staff, Evans expressed her pride in the work they had done as a team, disposing of her formalities and signing off as "Ellen."[2] Like the rest of her staff, Evans died a peaceful death via euthanasia, knowing that their sacrifices were not in vain.


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