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Elida is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


The only daughter of the Carja noble Lahavis, Elida grew up on her family's estate in Brightmarket. As a child, she became friends with a boy named Atral, and would often play with him on an island in the Daybrink.

The Liberation saw a number of Elida's friends, including Atral, defect to the Shadow Carja. This factored into her deteriorating relationship with her father, who she believed saw her as little more than a doll to display.

Sometime after the ceasefire, Elida and Atral found one another on the island from their childhood. The two began meeting in secret, which eventually blossomed into a romance forbidden by both of their tribes. When it was safe for the two of them to meet, Atral would signal Elida by campfire, which she would see via the telescope in her garden.

Associated Quests

Sun and Shadow

One night, after Atral signaled her, Elida ventured to the island as always. Not only was Atral absent, but a Snapmaw had come to the island, trapping Elida on a ledge.

Elida was eventually saved by the Nora Aloy, who had searched for her at the request of a worried Lahavis. When asked to return, Elida tried to stall, raising Aloy's suspicions. Once Aloy pointed out that there were two bedrolls, Elida admitted to her meetings with Atral. Terrified that Atral was still missing, Elida begged Aloy to find him. Aloy agreed to help, but insisted that Elida return home.

Aloy returned to Lahavis' home, where she confirmed Elida's suspicions that Atral was dead. Aloy managed to talk the distraught Elida out of ending her own life, and called Lahavis to his daughter's aid. Elida confessed to her father, who did his best to comfort her in her time of need.



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