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Duvad is a character in the Horizon Zero Dawn comic series. He is the leader of a team of trappers residing in Sunbreak Valley, near Rising Light.


Duvad and his team routinely killed entire herds of Grazers as they passed through the valley, leaving none alive in order to maximize their profits. Although some of Duvad's team objected to the excessive hunting, Duvad himself was firm in his command that every machine be killed. This overhunting eventually attracted a black-armored Ravager, which Duvad's team was able to defeat with some difficulty. The danger increased with the subsequent arrival of a Clawstrider, however, and so Duvad posted a contract at the Hunters Lodge to defeat the machine.

In the time after Duvad posted the contract, additional Clawstriders arrived, forming a pack. Talanah accepted the contract and journeyed to Rising Light to fulfill it, but she was injured in battle after attempting to take down the Clawstrider pack alone. While Talanah recovered, the hunter Kyran and his mercenaries, the Burnished Sons, attempted to poach the contract.

The Burnished Sons successfully took down a single Clawstrider and brought it to Duvad in Sunbreak Valley, seeking payment. Duvad refused, pointing out that his contract was with the Lodge, not Kyran, and arguing that killing a single Clawstrider had not solved the issue of the pack. Kyran began to negotiate with Duvad for additional payment in return for destroying the rest of the pack, but they were interrupted by the sudden appearance of a black-armored Clawstrider, which began attacking the group of mercenaries and trappers. In the ensuing chaos, Duvad quickly retreated to higher ground atop a boulder, firing arrows down at the machine and ordering his team to do the same. When Talanah and Amadis arrived and defeated the machine, Duvad's trappers were quick to turn their bows on the newcomers, with one of them calling out "Forget the contract. We just found ourselves a bigger bounty."

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