Dusk Mesa is an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn, located to the southwest of Meridian in the Carja Sundom.


During the errand A Curious Proposal, Dusk Mesa is the site where the Oseram opportunist, Fernund, sets up his ambush for Aloy.

It is also where the Oseram bomb-maker Rasgrund escapes to after breaking out of Sunstone Rock. He turns the mesa into a dangerous obstacle course riddled with proximity traps.

There is some suggestion that the location has a historical connection to the Oseram tribe in general, relating to the dark period known as the Red Raids and possibly before that.


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  • There is a corrupted zone just north of Dusk Mesa with Scrappers and Glinthawks. If the player follows the same path up Dusk Mesa that is taken in the Sunstone Rock quest, a rappel point can be found roughly halfway through the route, right after crossing the chasm a second time. To the right of the rappel point is a pile of boulders that can be scaled to reach the top of the mesa. On the northwest side of the mesa, an ancient crashed plane can be found, offering useful cover when combating the corrupted Glinthawks.

Horizon Zero Dawn™ High ground above corrupted zone northwest of Dusk Mesa

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