Dodger "Dod" Blevins was a character in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. He was the Director of Security for Project Firebreak.


An employee of Faro Automated Solutions, Blevins was sent by Ted Faro to oversee security at the Firebreak project.[1]

Almost immediately, he became abrasive with the staff, constantly requesting drones with heavier armament, upgrades to the security locks throughout the facility, and even recommending the demolition of the Visitor Center, which was never carried out.[1] He frequently sent long, snide, and borderline abusive or threatening messages to anyone who annoyed him or did something he did not like.

The staff grew so irritated with Dod's behavior that some asked Kenny Chau, the project director, that he be banned from certain areas of the facility or even removed from the project completely, which, of course, Chau had no control over because Blevin's actions represented FAS and, most importantly, the project's beneficiary and head of FAS: Ted Faro.

One project member even took action against him. One day, someone reprogrammed the facility's canteen menu to contain "obscene messages" about Blevins, much to his anger and to Chau's concealed amusement. Chau suspected that Anita Sandoval was behind it, but kept it between them.


In 2046, Blevins went snowmobiling in the nearby Gallatin mountain range. Laura Vogel, who worked under and despised Blevins, reprogrammed the trail signs to swap the directions between Fairy Falls and Purple Mountain.[2] While Laura only intended to prank Blevins, thinking it would just result in him getting his antique snowmobile stuck and having to walk home, the switch of directions resulted in a fatal accident. Blevins' body was not found for another 15 years, when meltwater flows after an unusually warm winter revealed his frozen remains.[3]


Dod Blevins was a condescending, disrespectful, and generally unlikable individual who was universally despised by the members of Firebreak. He had a hair-trigger temper and was not afraid to angrily confront anyone who got in his way.

He also seemed incredibly paranoid, requesting extensive and expensive upgrades and equipment for the drones protecting the facility in fear of a terrorist attack directed towards Project Firebreak.


  • Purple Mountain, where Dod Blevins died in an accident, is a real 8,392-foot mountain, part of the Gallatin mountain range. Fairy Falls is also a real hiking trail. There is about a ten mile distance between these areas.


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