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"Those ruins... that must be Devil's Thirst. A city of the Old Ones. Of the Metal World."
―Aloy, upon first sighting Devil's Thirst

Devil's Thirst (formerly Colorado Springs, CO) is a ruin site in Horizon Zero Dawn located in the Sacred Lands, north of the Embrace and east of Mother's Rise.


Devil's Thirst is the southernmost city ruin in the Sacred Lands. It is home to the only Tallneck in the east. As a ruin of the Old Ones, entry is strongly taboo to the Nora and grounds for casting out.



Before the Derangement, a group of twelve outlanders invaded the Sacred Lands, taking hostages from Mother's Vigil to deter the Nora from pursuing them. They camped beyond Devil's Thirst for two days; it is unclear what their intentions were, although there were reports of strange noises.

The Eclipse

After the Proving and War Party massacres, the weakened state of the Nora prompted bandits to invade the Sacred Lands in search of prey. One group of bandits camped in Devil's Thirst, knowing that the Nora's religion kept them from entering the ruins to chase them.


Vantage Points

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  1. Colorado Springs
  2. This statue is featured in the promo trailers for Horizon Zero Dawn and was one of the first images shown that clued the public into the fact the game is based in Colorado.