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Devil's Grief (formerly Denver, Colorado)[1] is a ruin site in Horizon Zero Dawn located in the Sacred Lands, south of Hollow Fort Bandit Camp and northeast of Mother's Crown.


Devil's Grief is the northernmost ruin site in the Sacred Lands, and the easternmost area in the region. It is larger than Devil's Thirst by a fair margin, but it is partially flooded, flowing out into a lake in the east.


In the Old World

During the time of the Old Ones, Devil's Grief was known as Denver, the largest city in the state of Colorado. Like all ancient cities, Denver fell with the Old Ones, eventually crumbling into overgrown ruins.

In the New World

The Nora, the tribe who would come to occupy the region, would address the ruins of Denver as "Devil's Grief". Like all ruins of the ancients, the Nora deemed it tainted and forbidden.


The Eclipse came to the Sacred Lands for two reasons: first to kill the Nora girl as ordered by HADES, and second to uncover Faro robots to bolster their army. Knowing that Nora law forbade entering ruins of the Metal World, the Eclipse within the Sacred Lands set up their base in the Ring of Metal, in the middle of Devil's Grief and seemingly out of reach for the Nora.

However, thirsty for revenge, a number of Nora Braves found a loophole through Aloy's Seeker blessing to break taboo and enter the ruins. Locating the killers' base in the Ring of Metal, the Nora located the three camps guarding the entrance. Fighting their way through the killers and corrupted machines, the Nora quickly arrived at the Ring of Metal. Aloy snuck to the stockpile of Blaze inside and detonated it, blasting a hole in the ring large enough for the Nora to charge through. The Braves emerged victorious, wiping out the killers and avenging their fallen.


Ancient Vessels

  • 2.1 Miriam
  • 2.2 USRC
  • 2.3 KZ

Metal Flowers

  • Mark I (E)
  • Mark I (G)

Vantage Points


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  1. Denver Stadium vantage point
  2. Denver tower.jpg