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"We didn't realize we'd reached the edge of the ruins. You're a Seeker, you can enter Devil's Thirst without judgement."

Den is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is a Brave of the Nora tribe located in Mother's Crown.

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At Mother's Crown, Den tells Aloy of his concern for his friends, Ferl and Muns, who are missing at the site of a nearby ruin. The trio left to seek revenge for the Proving Massacre and tracked some Corrupted machines to Devil's Thirst. Attacking at dusk, the group was overrun and scattered. Den made it back to Mother's Crown, but he hasn't seen his friends. As Nora law forbids tribe members from entering ruins of the Old Ones, Den is afraid to search for them and worried that they may all be cast out. Because Aloy has been made a Seeker by the High Matriarchs, she can enter the ruins and agrees to go looking.

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