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"You just flew in on a rainbow and saved our sorry slags. Where'd you come from?"

Death from the Skies is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Obtaining the quest

Southeast of Pitchcliff in Dryrun Canyon, Aloy encounters an injured Oseram, Hakurt, who uses his dying breaths to beg the huntress to help the nearby settlement which has come under attack from Glinthawks. Alternatively, if Aloy does not speak to Hakurt, she can simply journey to Pitchcliff and on her first arrival to the settlement she will discover that it is under attack.

Aiding Pitchcliff

After helping the Oseram defeat the machines, Aloy learns it is the third flock they have faced that day. Understanding that Glinthawks do not hunt for sport, Aloy decides to consult with the settlement's mayor, Ralert. Upon learning that the mayor is too busy with other errands, Aloy volunteers to investigate.

Using her Focus, Aloy discovers a signal within the settlement akin to that of a machine lure. Following the signal to its source, she finds a Carja trader, Shahavad, desperately trying to turn off a machine lure. Once its destroyed, she questions the Carja who tells her he found the device in a workshop atop the Eastern Ridge, bringing it to the settlement despite having no knowledge of what the object was and consequently setting it off.

Following Shahavad's directions, Aloy's way is barred by a Stormbird, attracted by the three lures scattered around the clearing before the workshop. Killing the machine and disabling the lures, Aloy sets to work examining the shop. Finding a discarded letter, she learns the workshop belonged to a tinker named Dervahl, however it has been long abandoned.

Returning to Pitchcliff, Aloy assures Ralert that they will no longer be troubled by Glinthawks, earning his thanks. 


  1. Go to Pitchcliff
  2. Kill the Glinthawks
  3. Find the Leader of Pitchcliff
  4. Investigate Pitchcliff to determine the cause of the Glinthawk attack.
  5. Go to the Campsite to find and disable any additional machine lures.
  6. Go to the Workshop to find and disable any additional machine lures.
  7. Kill the Stormbird
  8. Disable the Lures
  9. Investigate the Workshop to see who created the machine lures.
  10. Return to Ralert



Horizon Zero Dawn Very Hard Side Quest Walkthrough Death from the Skies


The following datapoints are obtained as an objective of this quest and cannot be missed.

Text Datapoints - Quests


  • The quest cannot be started if Into the Borderlands is active.
  • If the lures are disabled prior to killing the Stormbird, Aloy can simply wait for it to leave and continue the quest without having to fight it.
  • If Aloy has already completed Into the Borderlands, she will comment on the workshop being Dervahl's.
  • Alternatively, this quest can be started by going straight to Pitchcliff without talking to Hakurt.
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