Daytower Gate is a gate location in Horizon Zero Dawn adjacent to the Carja outpost of Daytower. The gate controls access to Carja territory, called the Sundom, from the east and is patrolled by Carja guards.


When the Shadow Carja cult known as the Eclipse began exhuming ancient war machines known as Corruptors, they began to spread the phenomenon of Corruption among the machines in the Nora Sacred Lands, which border the Sundom. These machines posed an even greater danger to people than normal machines. In an attempt to prevent the phenomenon from spreading to the Sundom, the gate was closed until the phenomenon was eliminated from the Sacred Land.

Associated Quests

A Seeker at the Gates

Some time after the Gate was closed, a Corruptor and corrupted Scrappers and Watchers appeared and began rampaging outside the gate. The guards shot at the machines from the top of the wall, but did little damage.

However, the Nora Brave Aloy, on her way to the Carja capital Meridian on a Seeker's quest, arrived at the gate. After having eliminated the Corrupted machines in the Sacred Land, she singlehandedly engaged and killed the machines at the gate. Impressed and grateful, the guards opened the gate and let her through.

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