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The Daybrink, known formally as the Great Lake of the Daybrink and occasionally called the Daybreak[1], is an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn. It currently serves as a de facto border in the civil war between the Carja and Shadow Carja tribes.

There are a few harbors on the lake's shore, including Brightmarket and Blazon Arch.


The lake is the largest body of water in the Sundom, located in the west. It serves as the headwaters for Meridian's aquaducts.


"ZAVARAD, the pilgrim Sun-King, whose tower was raised to the top of the Ridge of Veils and who crossed the great waters of the Daybreak[note 1], so the Sundom might extend ever further; and to honor this passage had the great Blazon Arch raised on the far shores;"
The Sun-Kings
"following the liberation of Meridian, Jiran's loyalists sought refuge at Sunfall. As a fortress it was impregnable, but cut off from the bounteous lands across the Daybrink."
History of Sunfall
"Most extraordinary of all are those reports of a lake one hundred times the size of the Daybrink."
The Forbidden West


Vantage Points


  • The location shown in the Lake Powell vantage point matches the real world location of Lake Powell in the state of Utah.[note 2]



  1. The usage of the name "Daybreak" here is evidently an error or an alternate name for the lake.
  2. This location was determined by the name of this vantage point.


  1. "[Blazon Arch], founded to commemorate an early Sun-King's crossing of the Great Lake of the Daybrink..."
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