Dawn's Sentinel is a gate location in Horizon Zero Dawn located northeast of Daytower and southeast of Free Heap. It is the alternate point of access to the Sundom from the east, controlled by the Carja.


Dawn's Sentinel is one of two gates marking the eastern edge of Carja territory, the other being Daytower. It serves as the boundary between the Gatelands in the west and the Longroam in the east.

The gate is humble by Carja standards, featuring a stone wall and a few watchtowers, occupied by a handful of Carja soldiers. A likely reason for this is that the Longroam has no tribal affiliation, making it a low priority for military monitoring.


  • Some fishing nets are seen in a river near the gate, indicating fish are probably the main food source for the guards patrolling it.
  • If visited before A Seeker at the Gates, the gate will be closed. Additionally, the guards will direct her to Daytower to speak with Captain Balahn to open the gates.
  • Unlike Daytower, Aloy can cross between the Sacred Land and the Sundom on mount through Dawn's Sentinel since the site is not considered a proper settlement, allowing Overridden machines to pass through.
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