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"Beware the machines with purple markings. To approach them without caution is to lay wood on your own pyre."
Banuk villager

A Daemonic Longleg and Scrapper

Daemonic Machines are machines that have been augmented by the artificial intelligence HEPHAESTUS. These machines are unique to the Banuk region known as The Cut. They are much stronger, more aggressive and resistant to damage and elemental states than even Corrupted Machines.


HEPHAESTUS produced Daemonic machines at its R&D cauldron EPSILON at the ruins of the 21st century facility that was then known as Firebreak. These machines pose a significant threat to the residents of the region, as they make hunting and traveling much more dangerous than normal. They are frequently found as guards around Control Towers. Though EPSILON was eventually destroyed, these machines persist in the region. It may be surmised that since EPSILON’s destruction terminated their production, the Daemonic machines still present are the last existing ones, and that a concerted campaign by the Banuk to destroy them would see them eradicated.

The Nora huntress Aloy encountered and engaged several of these machines during her time in The Cut.


Daemonic Machines, like Corrupted Machines, appear similar to their regular counterparts. However, Daemonic machines are fully armored, except for their neck regions, from which purple tendrils emerge. Additionally, unlike Corrupted Machines, which display red lines when scanned with a Focus, Daemonic machines display purple ones.


Unlike Corrupted Machines, a Daemonic Machine engages in the the normal behavior of that particular machine. For example, Daemonic Scrappers will scrap the chassis of destroyed machines and other scrap metal like regular scrappers, whereas Corrupted Scrappers will ignore destroyed machine chassis and metal scrap. Additionally, whereas Corrupted and regular machines attack each other on sight, Daemonic and regular machines do not. Indeed, Daemonic and regular machines are frequently found together in The Cut, and will fight alongside each other against perceived enemies, such as humans.


Daemonic machines are inarguably more formidable than both regular and Corrupted machines. They are more aggressive, capable of inflicting more damage, and their armor is much more durable, granting them considerably higher damage resistance. Additionally they cannot be overridden, are immune to Corruption arrows, and are extremely resistant to the elemental state of Shock. Indeed, a Daemonic Stalker’s Shock resistance completely negates the weakness to Shock that a Stalker normally has.


The Daemonic variants of machines from the base game have a 75% boost to their health and damage. Machines exclusive to the Cut (the Scorcher, Frostclaw, and Fireclaw) only gain a 25% health boost.

Only the following machines appear with the Daemonic status:


  • While unconfirmed, it is possible that HEPHAESTUS created the Daemonic Machines in response to HADES corrupting and taking control of normal machines.
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