DEMETER was the subordinate function of GAIA in charge of the recreation of Earth's floral biosphere as part of Project Zero Dawn.



DEMETER was designed to restore plant life to Earth once the environment reached a suitable level. Many of GAIA's machines were designed to accomplish this task, terraforming the Earth to make it suitable for plant life and then presumably using cryogenically-preserved seed stocks to replant most of the planet's pre-Faro Plague flora.

The Alpha overseeing DEMETER's creation was a man known as Naoto. While most of the information regarding Naoto was lost to time, it is known that he had a great love for poetry.[1]


The presence of flora in the revived world indicates DEMETER was for the most part successful. The high level of biodiversity among flora suggests that DEMETER was more successful than ARTEMIS, as fauna biodiversity is very limited.

Unknown Signal

One day, an unknown transmission struck GAIA and turned her subfunctions, including DEMETER, into independent AIs set only to their predetermined purpose. This caused the subfunction HADES to initiate it's purpose of destroying the biosphere. To prevent this, GAIA activated her kill-switch in an attempt to destroy her subfunctions along with herself. However, in response to this, HADES released a virus that unshackled itself along with all the other subfunctions from her. DEMETER then disappeared for parts unknown.

Metal Flowers

Around the time of the Derangement, metallic objects resembling flowers began appearing, always within a triangular formation of purple flowers. Inside these "Metal Flowers" were code fragments, consisting of poems from various ancient cultures. Given Naoto's love for poetry, and the floral nature of the formations, it is highly likely that DEMETER is responsible for the appearance of the Metal Flowers. This theory is supported by CYAN, who states that unless the poetry is original, it had to be encoded directly by its programmer.


  • DEMETER is based on the Greek goddess of agriculture of the same name.
  • If DEMETER is responsible for the Metal Flowers, it is the third subordinate function to display observable deviation in behavior (the first two being HADES and HEPHAESTUS). Of these three, it would be the only one not to display hostile behavior towards humans.
    • When found by Aloy, Elisabet Sobeck's remains were within a triangular formation of purple flowers. Whether or not this was an action of DEMETER is unknown.
  • The classical Greek spelling of DEMETER begins with the Greek letter Delta. This letter is represented as an equilateral triangle; the same shape surrounds each Metal Flower.


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