"All that stone they used to build Meridian had to come from somewhere, right?"
Quarry Foreman

Cut-Cliffs is a small Carja settlement in Horizon Zero Dawn, just outside the gate of Meridian. The settlement is built around a large mine. It is home to a Rockbreaker that is the target of the side quest Blood on Stone.


Cut-Cliffs is a settlement located due north of Meridian. The settlement is built next to a quarry, where Carja workers cut sandstone from the cliff walls before shipping it off for construction purposes. According to the current Quarry Foreman, they use Blaze for excavation one week every year.

In comparison to other Carja settlements, Cut-Cliffs is far less ornate and artistic in its construction, consisting of little more than a few tents.


It is unclear when Cut-Cliff was formed, but it was active during the reign of Sun-King Jiran.

Rockbreaker Incident

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