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Crafting is a system in Horizon Zero Dawn that allows the player to modify weapons and outfits, and construct various items out of the resources found throughout the game's world. There is a full crafting menu availble, as well as the ability for quick crafting of ammunition.


Quick Crafting

Quick crafting is accessed through the weapon select wheel. By highlighting a type of ammo, the crafting requirements are shown. Holding X or F on PC will craft packs of ammo until the button is released, the required resources are depleted, or ammo capacity is reached.

Carry Capacity

Increase the number of items or ammo Aloy can carry.




Weapons and Armor

Crafting also allows for the ability to add coils and weaves into the modification slots of weapons and armors that have them respectively. These modifications buff offensive stats such as damage, severity, tear, and handling or defensive stats such as resistance to damage and stealth. Once Aloy has the Tinker ability as one of her skills, she can switch out mods and reuse them instead of losing them.