Corrupted Zones are an activity in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Corrupted Zones are small areas of the map where there are significant numbers of Corrupted Machines. The ground also has a red glowing effect. Unlike other areas where corrupted machines are found, Corrupted Zones have no relevance to the overall plot, and have no sign of the Eclipse or Corruptors. Corrupted Zones appear on the map as a red circle, with the symbol for corrupted machines in the center. In total in Horizon Zero Dawn there are 11 corrupted zones, going up to level 34.

Associated Quests: A Seeker at the Gates


Corrupted Zones serve as side-quests and an extra challenge. To complete the quest, the player must destroy all corrupted machines, clearing the area of the corruption. Once this has been done, the areas will become safer, the player awarded experience, and the dead corrupted machines provide a fair amount of Metalburn.

Specific Zones

  • level=15
  • region=Valleymeet
  • location=southwest corner of Valleymeet
  • enemies=Grazer-Icon.png Grazer (3)


  • The Rockbreakers will sometimes attack non-corrupted machines, either on their own or after a machine nearby was corrupted.
  • The Rockbreakers have been witnessed going in and across the river as of March 2018.

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