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"The lesson will be taught in due time, Aloy. Until then, we wait."
This article contains heavy spoilers, and may reveal plot or quest information.

A corrupted Grazer, Scrapper, and Watcher

"Those machines - you can see the Corruption coming off them like smoke."

Corrupted Machines are those affected by the corrupting properties of metalburn and the network hijacking capabilities of the FAS Chariot line of Peacekeeper robots. They are identified by red-black tendrils growing from their chassis, presumably generated through some form of nanotechnology.


Without access to the terraforming system, HADES was forced to find an alternative method of bringing about a second global extinction. Its solution was to create an army in order to access the Spire, one of MINERVA's broadcasting towers. It revived Corruptors with the help of the Eclipse, who used the ancient machines to enslave GAIA's machines into their ranks. The corrupted machines were then used as guards within the Eclipse's main base, and served as sentries at Eclipse dig sites.

The corrupted machines were kept secret until the War Party massacre, when the Eclipse used a stampede of corrupted machines to wipe out over half of the Nora Braves. Upon hearing of the corruption, the Carja closed off the eastern border at Daytower in a vain attempt to keep the corruption from spreading into the Sundom; Daytower's gates would not be reopened until the corruption had been cleared from the nearby valley by Aloy.

The Eclipse would use the corrupted machines again during their assault on the Sacred Lands (in which the Nora were nearly brought to extinction), and during the battle for the Spire.


The most distinctive feature of a Corrupted machine is the invading circuitry present all over the machine's body, which emits both a red glow and a dark smoke-like effect. They appear with red outlines when scanned with a Focus, as opposed to the standard blue.

In terms of behavior, they become hyper-aggressive towards any non-Eclipse humans detected, as well as non-corrupted machines, even by post-Derangement standards. Corrupted machines ooze an acidic substance as they walk; if Aloy walks through this substance, it will damage her for a short period of time. Melee attacks will also inflict corruption damage. Both these sources will fill a severity meter by Aloy's health bar, and if it is filled, the status effect applied damages her over time and prevents her from running. Antidotes and the Banuk Sickness Eater outfit can be used to reduce the effects of this damage and cure this status effect.

Corrupted machines are given a higher challenge level than their other counterparts and have 50% greater health and damage output, barring a couple exceptions. However, they have two major weaknesses. Most noticeably, corrupted machines are more vulnerable to fire attacks. A second, less obvious weakness is the removal of armor plating near the cranial region, a result of the corruption process.


  • Corrupted Machines will not disappear entirely after clearing all Corrupted Zones. A small portion will continue to exist in Devil's Grief and the surrounding lake.
  • Corrupted Redeye Watchers have double the health of their uncorrupted version, while corrupted Stormbirds only have a 10% damage boost.
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