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The Clawstrider is a combat machine appearing in Horizon Forbidden West, as well as the Horizon Zero Dawn comic.[2]


The Clawstrider resembles a dromaeosaur; it stands bipedally, with claws on each limb, an enlarged hooked claw on each foot, and sharp metal plating that resembles feathers. However, its lower jaws resemble chainsaws, and two containers can be seen on its back, possibly Metal Vessels.


Clawstriders are seen moving in packs, and appear to be highly aggressive. They are fast and agile, and will relentlessly pursue their quarry. Additionally, they are highly territorial and will closely guard their land and the machines within.

Members of the rebel Tenakth faction, the Regalla, have been seen riding Clawstriders as mounts. These Clawstriders have dark red cabling around their necks like corrupted machines, but they are much less pronounced and do not have the same smoking effect. They also have tribal markings on their armor plating, likely to distinguish ones controlled by the Regalla and nonoverridden versions.


The Clawstrider is a fairly new machine, only appearing recently to attack the Carja village of Rising Light. Talanah Khane Padish took a contract to hunt the pack responsible for these attacks, thus setting her on the trail of the new and deadly machine.

A Clawstrider wounds Talanah

During her hunt, Talanah was grievously wounded when a Clawstrider stabbed her in the abdomen. Later, she encountered a black-armored Clawstrider, part of a dangerous new breed of machine.


  • The Clawstrider is the first mountable machine not to have an ungulate chassis.
  • The Clawstrider is the second combat machine from Horizon Forbidden West to be revealed, after the Tremortusk.
    • Canonically speaking, it is the first machine from the Forbidden West to appear in Carja territory.


Name Damage Type Primary Damage Secondary Damage Trigger Range Description
Stun Blast Sonic 0 - ??? Shrieks at target, incapacitating them for a short time
Tail Whip Melee ??? - ??? Jumps before rotating its tail 360 degrees



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