Cauldron concept art

Concept art

"There's a reason the Matriarchs forbid those places - and not just because they're dangerous. We weren't meant to see what's inside."

A Cauldron is an underground facility where machines are built. By overriding these, Aloy unlocks the ability to control new machines. In Horizon Zero Dawn there are four major Cauldron activities, plus a fifth in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


Project Zero Dawn envisioned a series of underground facilities to rebuild a lifeless Earth. These facilities would be controlled by GAIA while the subfunction HEPHAESTUS would oversee construction of Cauldrons where specialized machines would be designed and constructed for use in terraforming.

The inhabitants of the New World are aware of the cauldrons, and some have deduced that they are where machines are built. A few have attempted to venture inside and discover its mysteries, although only one has been successful.


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The entrances to cauldrons always feature a triangular structure. They all seem to have a pyramid-like base, and the entrance leads toward a core in the middle that Aloy can override. There are hook-like apparatuses coming from the sealing in most that transport boxes by way of hovering. 


There are five cauldrons in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. A sixth, Cauldron PSI, is known to exist, although its location remains unknown.


  • The Cauldrons were designed to be unnatural and alien in appearance.[citation needed]


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