Campfires are objects found in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Campfires always appear as a large collection of either lit or unlit pieces of wood, all arranged so they form a cone shape. Campfires located in the wilderness are surround by a simple ring of stones and dirt, while fires found in settlements may be elevated or have rings around them.

Campfires appear on the map as two crossed sticks with a flame above it. The symbol will be white if it is undiscovered, and green if the player has gotten close enough to discover it.


Campfires primarily act as save points in the game, where the player can choose to quick save or manually save. The fires also are points that the player can fast-travel to.

Although not a uniform rule by any means, many of the merchants in the game can be found near a fire, and wilderness fires often have significant numbers of medicinal plants growing nearby.

Contrary to their uses, campfires are not safe havens. Dangerous machines can very easily spawn near and wander over toward campfires, and Aloy can even save in the middle of battle.


  • If Aloy's health bar is below 100%, go to the nearest campfire, save your game, then reload your game from save; Aloy's health bar will then be at 100%.


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