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"The spirits of the Forgotten, souls cursed by the All-Mother - their voices never let me be."

Brom is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


As stated by his sister Olara, Brom was "always a little different, a little touched": he was constantly hearing voices, which the Nora interpreted as being haunted by "the Forgotten" (although a more likely explanation is some form of mental illness, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder).

One day, while Olara was briefly away, Brom was attacked by a hunter who had a history of harassing him. Giving in to the voices' orders, Brom split the hunter's head open with a rock. As a result, Brom was exiled from the Nora tribe for ten years. He lived in a camp away from the major settlements, with only the voices inside his head to keep him company.

Following the Eclipse's assault on the The Embrace, Brom retreated into the Sacred Mountain with Olara for safety.

Associated Quests

The Forgotten

As the end of his sentence approached, Brom feared that the voices would force him to harm Olara. In a desperate attempt to prevent this, Brom covered his campsite with boar blood and ran off, hoping to fake his death.

Terrified for Brom's safety, Olara requested Aloy's help in finding her brother. With the help of her Focus, Aloy was able to track Brom to a ledge, where he was preparing to kill himself to protect his sister. Aloy talked Brom away from the ledge before Olara arrived, assuring him that she would be safe.


  • Similar to other characters such as Aloy and Rost, whose names are metal-related, Brom's name is inspired by the chemical element Bromine (German: Brom).
  • Brom appears to have some form of mental disorder (most likely Schizophrenia as he suffers from hallucinations and hears voices in his head), which could have been the reason for his exile.
  • Aside from Rost, Brom is the only outcast to wear face paint in the standard Nora blue.


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