Brin is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Brin was originally a Banuk shaman. Upon hearing rumors of a tribe in the Forbidden West that suckled on machines, he decided to test this theory by drinking machine mech fluid, which the Banuk call machine blood. The act caused him to experience visions he deemed "machine dreams". However, the tribe was disgusted at this apparent sacrilege and punished him by leaving him stripped in the icy wilds. Brin survived by unrevealed means, and instead of returning to his werak, he became a wanderer, leaving them behind.

At one point, he moved into a shack in the arid northern regions of the Carja Sundom. There he encountered the Nora huntress Aloy, who found him wounded after a hunt. Brin offered to tell Aloy's future with his visions if she brought him the mech fluid of machines he needed to have these visions.

Each time Aloy fulfilled a request, he give her vague descriptions of his vision. Usually the description confused her. However at times the description that contained information about the machines and their origins which she later discovered to be accurate.

However after ingesting mech fluid from a Stormbird, Brin saw a vision he found so frightening that he refused to divulge any details, only revealing that it involved the future; a future in filled with destruction, including Aloy’s death. Then and there he decided to leave the region, and advised Aloy to do the same.


Brin is an eccentric, enigmatic person. He often considers himself as a mere vessel of the visions and 'memories' that he could experience and does not seem to care much for anything else. He is obsessed and fearless when it comes to tasting machine blood, which caused his former people to shun him, although he does not seem to have a problem with living in isolation and self-exile. Nor does he have a problem with being open to people about his rather visceral hobby, as he was quite up-front to Aloy on the matter in spite of her apparent disgust.

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  • While in the Cut, Aloy can overhear some Banuk gossiping about a shaman who was banished by the Conclave for drinking machine blood, mostly likely referencing Brin.


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