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"Brightmarket has its shadows, but I run a clean establishment."

Brightmarket is a Carja settlement in Horizon Zero Dawn located in the Sundom northwest of Meridian.


Brightmarket holds jurisdiction over the waters that supply Meridian's aqueduct. It is primarily a trading settlement that has a lakeside dock, where it trades with Oseram merchants from the Claim upstream.

Brightmarket is less dense than Meridian or Meridian Village, and features simpler architecture (although still lavish compared to other tribes). Like Meridian, it has farmland to provide food for its residents.


Brightmarket was founded by Sadahin, the third Sun-King, as part of his expansion of the Carja Sundom. As the Sundom began trading with other tribes during the reign of Sun-King Juwadan, and expanded further north during the reign of Sun-King Zavarad, Brightmarket became an important trading post. However, during the reign of the thirteenth Sun-King Brightmarket increasingly suffered as external trade (at least officially) was cut off due to his policies.

Recent History

Upon being smuggled out of Sunfall, Itamen and Nasadi were brought to Brightmarket, where they were greeted by Avad before being escorted to Meridian.

The Carja smuggler Gavan fled to Brightmarket after escaping Sunstone Rock to look for safe passage across the Daybrink.


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