"Apocashitstorm Tour, day 8. Holy crap. That glitched-out Lifter that crushed your arm and clavicle, back before you met Wyatt - that was in a mine back beyond these falls. Ugh, what a punk I was."
Bashar Mati



I can't believe I just stumbled across this place. I remembered your injury, of course - I just forgot that it happened all the way out here.

This was before Wyatt, obviously, when things were really hard for us. I was twelve or thirteen, already smoking Duster every day. And you were working all the time, stuck on the job you convinced Metallurgic to give you after they stiffed us on the death settlement. It must've been terrible, servicing mining robots in dig tunnels for 1.5 basic. But it's how you kept us fed.

When the Lifter injured you, the foreman said it was your fault. Said the telemetry showed human error - yours. When you told me that the telemetry had been cooked, I didn't believe you. I blamed you for your injury, same as the company. What a great kid I was.

I didn't understand the situation at all. Denial of comp was a financial death blow. We were days from living on the street. Which is why you pushed your grievance up the ladder - up and up, until finally you wound up in Wyatt's office. He ordered an investigation, which was the right thing to do... though I've always wondered just how dispassionate his decision was.

The investigation proved the telemetry had been tampered with and validated your claim, and the implants and cybernetics fixed you up good as new. By all appearances it looked like everything that had gotten broken had been fixed. Hell, another six months and you and Wyatt started seeing each other, so before long even our poverty was fixed.

What we didn't know, of course, what that you'd been poisoned. LuBor-6 exposure from the solvents you used to keep robot joints clear. We were still years away from knowing the long-term effects, but the damage was done.

You doomed yourself working a shitty job to keep me fed and clothed, and I can't even remember a single time I thanked your for it.

Screw this place.
―Bashar Mati




  1. This location was determined by the name of the Bridal Veil Falls vantage point and the striking appearance and similarity between the images. The vantage point shows a view of the powerplant and waterfalls.
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