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The Branded Shore is an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn, located on the eastern edge of Rustwash. It seves as a de facto border between the two factions of the Carja Civil War.

Associated Quests

Robbing the Rich

Aloy picks up Nasan's tracks west of Unflinching Watch and they lead her to the nearby Shadow Carja Outpost.

Queen's Gambit

Aloy meets Three-Toe Huadiv close to the Do Your Part datapoint, just south of the Rockbreaker site.


"Well, my partner Nasan disappeared near the Branded Shore. He was bound for Sunfall."
Kindiv, Robbing the Rich
Aloy: "What do you need to get Nasadi and Itamen out of Sunfall?"
Vanasha: "With Bahavas dead, Sunfall is the easy part - I'll handle that. The big fuss will be crossing the border to the Sundom. Find my friend Three-Toe Huadiv near the Branded Shore."
Traitor's Bounty
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