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Brageld is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Brageld's lover was an Oseram slave who worked on monuments to the Mad Sun-King, including the Shrine of Kings. Just before the Liberation, the lover was sacrificed in the Sun-Ring. His bones were eventually returned to the greiving Brageld, but they brought the Oseram little comfort.

Two years later, Brageld joined a group of Oseram pilgrims and ventured to the Shrine of Kings in hopes of honoring his lover at his greatest creation. However, he was stopped by the Abiding Jahamin (whom Brageld labeled a "dried-up old prune in a robe"), who refused to let any Oseram "defile" the shrine by entering it.

Learning of the Oseram's plight, the Mournful Namman recruited Aloy to help Brageld. After speaking with Brageld, Aloy forced Jahamin to let the Oseram through. To Brageld's dismay, the monument had been vandalized by Carja. While visibly upset, he thanked Aloy for honoring his wish.

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  • Brageld's is one of the few confirmed LGBT characters in game.


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