Brad Andac was a former employee of Faro Automated Solutions (FAS) and a member of Project Zero Dawn.


Brad Andac was a replications engineer in FAS' military division who was responsible for designing the Chariot line's self-replication routines. Initially, Andac had no problems with FAS' policies and ignored the warning signs of Doctors Elisabet Sobeck and Margo Shĕn leaving the company; he and his colleagues dismissed their departures as an inability to keep up with the company's "Better Than Rapid Innovation" development strategy.

By the time the Faro machines rebelled against their programming, however, Andac was deeply horrified at his role in creating the Faro Plague. While the Plague's existence was still being covered up, Andac worked in a secret Faro R&D facility located at King's Peak, which would later become the site of GAIA Prime. During this time Andac suppressed his guilt by keeping a personal journal, as well as drinking himself into unconsciousness on a nightly basis. Unbeknownst to Andac, his former colleague Bashar Mati hacked into his Focus during one of these binges, having become suspicious after a chance encounter at the King's Peak facility. The contents of Andac's journal revealed the imminent apocalypse to Mati, motivating him to create the Vantage Points as his last act before the end of the world.[1]

Andac, meanwhile, received a chance for redemption when he was recruited into Project Zero Dawn; during the interview process he expressed guilt for being partly involved in Earth's extinction.[2] Andac saw Zero Dawn as his only chance of seeking atonement, working hard to achieve the project's goals and earn his family a place in Elysium.[3]


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