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Boars are a common species of wildlife in Horizon Zero Dawn. When killed, they drop loot vital for several crafting recipes.


In the Old World, this particular animal is from a subspecies of wild pig known as the Indian Boar, or Sus scrofa cristatus, distinguished by the tall, crested mane running along its head and back, as well as its somewhat sparser coat of hair.

Boars are very common; where there is one there are often many more close by. In the Luck of the Hunt side quest, they are even more plentiful.


Boars will not attack or cause any harm to Aloy. Instead, they will flee when Aloy gets close, unless undetected. Even then, Aloy can often overtake them and get within melee range.

Boars take 3 Hunter Arrows to kill, 1 Precision Arrow, or 1 Fire Arrow. A single melee strike with Aloy's spear instantly kills a Boar.

Loot Acquired

When killed, Boars will drop common items such as various types of meat.

However, there is a 1:10 chance that a downed Boar will drop either Boar Skin or Boar Bone, both of which are very valuable items that are useful for trading with merchants. Boar skins are also very useful for upgrading Aloy's carrying capacity.

These items are rare, but given the sheer numbers of these animals and the ease with which they can be farmed, all it takes is some time and patience to acquire them.

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