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"A crystal that builds on the bodies of machines in the oldest ice. We Banuk believe it's the stuff of the blue light, frozen as it escapes their shells."

Bluegleam is a very rare item in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. It can be found on the bodies of frozen machines such as Scrappers and ruined structures across the Cut. Map - Bluegleam can be purchased from Bluegleam Merchants and shows the approximate locations of all Bluegleam in nature.

There are exactly 100 Bluegleam available in a single playthrough. This is exactly the number needed to purchase all the unique equipment and treasure boxes available in the Cut.


Found in the Cut, the Banuk believe it is the solid form of the sacred "blue light" first experienced by the legendary Banukai, believed to have become frozen upon being released from deceased machines. In reality, the substance is simply frozen machine fluid.


Bluegleam is needed to buy the following items, all of which are available only with the Frozen Wilds add-on, and each of which can only be purchased once per playthrough.


Treasure Boxes



  • Bluegleam are considered Special Items and don't get carried over in New Game+.
  • The price increase of Adept Bluegleam equipment is slightly different from others in Ultra Hard. Commonly, the shard value of equipment is five times the original and requires twice as many additional materials to buy. Adept Bluegleam equipment only increases in shard cost while the material requirements remain the same.