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"Don't bother me, outlander. I don't need a mercenary, I need a miracle - someone who can tell me who slaughtered my men."
Quarry Foreman

Blood on Stone is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.


When five night guards are mysteriously killed in the quarry at Cut-Cliffs, Aloy agrees to investigate the cause of the murders.

Talking to the Quarry Foreman, Aloy learns that one of the guards, Saravad, was a friend of his from their days as slave miners during the reign of Sun-King Jiran. When Aloy suggests that the guards were killed by machines, the Foreman explains that fences and gates protect the quarry from terrestrial machines, and that he doubts Glinthawks would attack in such a way.

When asked if he had noticed anything strange in previous days, the Foreman notes that they were using explosives to clear away some of the bedrock. Afterwards, Saravad had mentioned that he didn't remember a certain pile of rocks that had appeared out on the quarry; the Foreman had waved it off, stating that it was nothing unusual.

Investigating the quarry herself, Aloy approaches the mysteriously emerged mound. Shortly afterwards, a new machine, a Rockbreaker, emerges from the ground.

After defeating the Rockbreaker, Aloy returns to the Quarry Foreman who praises her bravery.


  1. Talk to the Quarry Foreman
  2. Investigate the Quarry
  3. Kill the Rockbreaker
  4. Return to the Quarry Foreman



Blood on Stone - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


  • If The Sun Shall Fall is completed before starting this quest, the Quarry Foreman's inital dialogue will be much friendlier, addressing Aloy as the "Hero of Meridian."
  • Aloy's dialogue about the machine will change slightly depending on if she previously encountered a Rockbreaker or not.
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