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Tububo Tububo 20 days ago

Horizon Call of the Mountain (VR) is announced!

Appearantly, the rumors about a new, unannounced Horizon game were true, and they are not just rumours anymore. A while ago, Guerrilla Games announced that they were working on three new projects, including Horizon Forbidden West. And now there is only one project left that we don't know anything about.

According to Guerrilla Games' tweet, HCM will be a PSVR2 game that uses the new heaadset and controllers. The protoganist is still unknown but it's said that we will encounter some people from HZD and HFW, including Aloy. Guerrilla also said "with the hardware's new controllers and incredible built-in visuals, Horizon Call of the Mountain will allow you to interact with the world around you in a brand new way."

Also according to Firesprite, t…

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Mr V Roku Mr V Roku 10 August 2021

Wiki Edits Documentation

August 10, 2021.

I updated the Rockbreaker page to remove the line that states that destroying both fuel sacs disables ranged attack (This is likely a bug). I tested this today and destroying them does not prevent Rockbreakers from performing their Rock Blast or Rock Volcano attacks. Here is video evidence of a Rockbreaker using these attack after its Fuel Sacs have been destroyed.

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The King of Falcons The King of Falcons 7 July 2020

Forbidden West possible machine.

This is a list of possible machine that will come in Horizon Forbidden West. Others can contribute to this list.

Land Machine

  • Hunter: an fox-like Small Machine that roam the plains and forest for resources to bring to Cauldron for new Machine creation. In battle, their tail are enflame to bash and burn their enemies.
  • Beringel: An gorilla-like Large Machine that belong in the Combat Class Machine. In battle, their arms turns into spiked maces to smash enemies into the ground.

Sea Machine

  • Bomber: a pufferfish-like small machine that swim into the ocean. Like the name suggests, they explode. However, they don’t actually explode, they send out spikes that detonated once a enemy is in a close proximity.

Flying Machine

  • Screamer: a bat-like medium Comba…
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Rmay2112! Rmay2112! 5 February 2020

Power Cell Stats

Where would I find the stats/quantity of power cell acquired?

I looked through all my stats and cannot locate. Thank you for your help.


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Reaperj743 Reaperj743 16 December 2019

Temporary Break

this may come as a shock to you (no pun intended) but I'm going offline on Wensday.

as once said so potently, all together all alone.

but, that's my problem, not yours.

so I'll give you some good news.

is dead. that simple. I am no longer basing anything off of it, and besides the point, it was made three years ago, it is outdated as fuck.

so, here's what I salvaged from that trainwreak.

ROLLER: a type of machine from the Old Ones, made as a hybrid of the Scarab and the Khopesh. one noticable drawback, however, is lack of armorments, as it only has a few weapons on the top of its head. no, not literally.

it has all the elemental abilities (Frost, Fire, Shock, Corruption), as well as a standard Deathbringer Cannon on each side. it can roll up into…

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Azurean101 Azurean101 10 December 2019

Jitari Report: Zero Dusk


Years before the start of Zero Dawn, Ted Faro had an illegitimate son named Edward Velaquez while in Spain. This son grew up to be very bright, and worked unknowingly as the European head of his fathers corporation. When Zero Dawn was created, he was instructed to create a backup secret program behind Elisabet’s back. This system encompassed the duties of APOLLO and MINERVA.. It also created two new programs: HEKATE, used for genetic experimenting and building environments for the humans that ELEUTHIA would produce, and CERULEAN, an AI used to store elements and then replicate them for other facilities if need be. It also could create new elements or make different things. CERULEAN cancelled out the need for DEMETER, ARTEMIS, AET…

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Azurean101 Azurean101 9 December 2019

Jitari Flora, Fauna and Endemic Technology

First up, Flora:

Jitari plants vary from each region. In the cold north you will find Frostliquor plants, good for making Frost potions. In the south it can be quite sandy when you aren’t close to the coastline, so it is not be suited to plants. Only various flower and cactus species have adapted to these conditions. On the shoreline, you will find small Rivervines, that grow under and on trees. They are used to consume when you need to hold your breath longer underwater. In the tropical north-east, you will many various types of flowers use discord for Fire potions. The game will only address them as fire flowers as there are over 50 graphic designs spread across this label. In the middle, you will have many crops such as Glaceflowers, Azu…

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Reaperj743 Reaperj743 22 November 2019

Shock Bellowback

"it's a bellowback, but it carries raw energy instead of a liquid cargo. besides that, it's mostly the same as any other." -Varl, upon being asked to describe a Shock bellowback.

a Shock Bellowback is your nromal Bellowback, but with these differences: instead of a Gullet, it has a Shaper, and instead of a cargo sac, it has a Generator. it also stores three Metal Vessels inside its belly, instead of the normal units.

here, read this for details. its the basic principle behind the Bellowback.

now, this Machine has no weakneses, so it's much more deadly than the normal Bellowback, and it heals friendlies. but where did it come from?

  • 6 SKILLS

originally a concept by GAIA, as she was conceiving a Shock Be…

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Reaperj743 Reaperj743 20 November 2019

no more broad image. gonna finish at least the basics.

well now, you're probably aware that I've erased a good amount of stuff, and so, I will say this:

I have put my hat into a lot of rings. not all of them panned out. and so, instead, I am going to fill this with all the relavent information I can.

first off, I'm assuming HZD 2 will take place somewhere in the future, probably by 1-3 years. and so, I've decided that Aloy's mastery of Machine Taming has become much better, allowing her to take one as her companion, as well as a mount. this sytem is called COMPANION. long story short, this is where you can bring along that Strider you overrode, as well as a Scraper. with this sytem, you can override that Thunderjaw and keep it practically forever, as it will guard you, and only you, until death.…

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Azurean101 Azurean101 18 November 2019

The Jitari Tribe

The Jitari are a tribe that have settled throughout the southern lands below the Carja and Nora. Composed mainly of outcasts of other tribes, they all have a large minority of Tenakth converts. The Jitari are the most technologically advanced group in the area, having founded out how to hack technology and crack codes. For this specific task, a group of civilians known as the “Moon Children” are nominated by Jitari leaders and citizens of the tribe. Their currency, like most tribes around, is metal shards, but they will pay you mounds of money for old tech. Due to their involvement with technology, they tend to be incredibly atheistic, although some Nora and Banuk outcasts still practice their respective faiths. The government is run by no…

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BikerDude512 BikerDude512 29 October 2019

Start a New Game in HZD

I completed the next to last mission in HZD and then stopped playing for a long time.  I just got back on HZD and have totally forgetten everything.

I would like to start a new game to relearn how to play the game.  If I start a new game and play from the very beginning, will my other game that is almost complete still be able to be loaded.  I do not want to lose my original game.


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Reaperj743 Reaperj743 17 October 2019


whereas the Control Tower makes them aggressive, this machine has the opposite effect, calming.

intersting title, and the basic summary of this machine when you check the Machine Notebook. it is immune to all damage, though it features a rather weird way of functioning.

this is in the second stage of development, so please, feel free to bounce ideas as needed. also, you'll notice that I've erased a good amount of blog posts, so if you want to see them, I'll send you a Google Doc link.

  • 5 SKILLS

as far as machines go, a Emmiter (Caller, actually) is a Medium Communications Class Machine with a Spider chassis. it mainly was conceived by Master smith chuckle-Words-cannot-express-how-I-much-hate-france-right-now yo…

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Reaperj743 Reaperj743 17 October 2019


"looks like a pigeon, but more like a Glinthawk. I wonder what's inside it's chest?" this machine is in the second stages of playtesting, and I'm working on refinement of it.

that's a bit of a teaser that beautifully summarizes the Carrier. a Medium Transport (specifically, the type that delivers Resources to Human Settlements) Machine. specifically, this machine, when out in the Wilds, will not engage in combat. instead, it will summon all nearby Machines, which can even include normally passive ones. one significant drawback of this idea is, despite having a whole army to guard it, the only defense it has is to fly away as other machines force the Player to try another means or fight the enemies arrayed before them.

  • 3 USES
  • 4 S…

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GuillermoIE GuillermoIE 15 October 2019

Codex Gamicus

To those of you who don't know, Fandom is in the process of...for lack of a better word, merging with Gamepedia, an alternate wiki hosting service provided by Curse (the guys who run Twitch), which Fandom has recently acquired.

For the last few months, I've been working on Codex Gamicus, which aims to be an all-encompassing database for all things gaming. A gaming Wikipedia, if you will, but also operating as a central hub from other wikis can connect to. Codex Gamicus actually started as gaming.fandom.com, and migrated over to Gamepedia servers about a year ago. However, we're currently a bit in the weeds. There's a lot of content that needs updating, and there's unfortunately not a lot of people aboard yet.

Please let me know if you're intere…

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سلومي العليمي سلومي العليمي 12 October 2019


This article is about the Depthsong, my own fan-made machine, should it ever become canon (I do plan on presenting the idea to Guerrilla).

The Depthsong is a machine in Horizon: Zero Dawn 2. It is a large, aquatic Acqisiton Class machine whose primary purpose is the purification of the world's oceans.

Depthsongs were designed by GAIA, Zero Dawn's governing AI, to work under subfunction POSIEDON, the subfunction responsible for detoxifying the world's poisoned water. Due to their aquatic nature, Depthsongs were very rarely encountered by the humans of the new world, even falling into legend for some tribes. After the events that led to GAIA's self-destruction and her aubfunctions becoming true AI's, HEPHAESTUS, the AI responsible for machine m…

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Reaperj743 Reaperj743 24 September 2019


at this point, I've hinted at the Striker enough. a Machine made to resemble a snake, with the ability to breathe fire. it has Flamegel as a exclusive loot, which basically costs half as much as blaze. if an odd number, round down. anyway, I'm still working on the drawing (actually, haven't started, will add it to the end), and as such it'll be made available later. for now, first section: this machine has reached the second stage of playtesting, and will be harder to erase. will require updates.

  • 3 LOOT
  • 4 SKILLS

this Medium Acquisition Class Machine was created to help purify the waters after a recent ruin sunk into the water, and might be phased out by HZD 3. long story short, I'm still working on it.

for thi…

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Reaperj743 Reaperj743 23 September 2019


this is the official place for the Router Machine, with all edits valid, to a point. Now, I'm thinking one person might know the Router, and as such, I'll go ahead and say this: it includes a sketch. in form, it resembles a snake flying around in the air, with a slightly bigger stomach to account for extra space needed to operate. when out of combat, it can release a pair of specially modified watchers (renamed Sentinels) as monitors of the areas it can't reach. theres watchers will be added in next, for now I'll go ahead and put in the link for the sketch: Router. if anyone checks it out, they're more than welcome to make their own, for any machine they want. 

  • 4 LOOT
  • 5 SKILLS

the Router was originally a concept designed…

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Chaosgamer4LiFe Chaosgamer4LiFe 11 November 2018

Hola! ¿Como estas?

Just kidding, I don’t know much Spanish, only basics like moy bien and encantado.

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LogicEcho LogicEcho 5 November 2018

Copy of my Profile intro

Hello. I come from the wilds of what used to be known as the Land of Saints and Scholars. I have a bit of an interest in robotics as well as military history, fictional or otherwise, so to start out with I'll concentrate on pages that are related to those. Thanks in advance for putting up with me! ;)

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Sentry 616 Sentry 616 17 May 2018

How To Train Your Dragon characters with HZD machine companions and weapons

This blog was requested on my similar blog for RWBY characters.  Each character gets four weapon "types," for the four quick select slots. Said weapon types will be based on their normal weapons and fighting styles. I might also give them a heavy weapon if It's fitting enough. Since lower tier version are made completely redundant once yoiu get the newer/better version, I'll assume they're using the best available.

I'm also giving them a fitting robot companion. For rather significant reasons, none of the Chariot line units are available. I probably will give machine companions to characters before I assign them weapons. I was going to try to achieve balance, but I may have to throw that out for personality.

What I type in parentheses is lar…

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GuillermoIE GuillermoIE 10 May 2018


For the sake of a reference point, I've compiled a list of questions and answers from the anniversary AMA. These are the questions I could find relating to behind-the-scenes work and plot details, with minimal editing.

Q: When you set out to tell the story of Horizon, Zero Dawn, what was your mission or end-goal for the players to take away from it, to know that you could say that "We delivered this message to everyone?"

A: This is a cool question. HZD gave us an amazing opportunity to make the game we wanted, and PlayStation was always supportive. In addition to making it a kick-ass story about machines and tribes and epic threats to the world, we wanted it to be personal. We wanted it to be about bonds of love that cross generations, ties …

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GuillermoIE GuillermoIE 9 May 2018

HZD2 Thoughts

I think we can all agree a sequel is inevitable (unless the Netherlands get nuked or something). Here, I wanted to discuss what I want to see in the sequel. However, I wanted to discuss the things that are less common among the fandom. I won't be talking about better facial animations or improved human combat: that's said way too often already.

So here we go:

  • 'Scale Up the World': As most of us know, Guerrilla Games chose to make the world a scaled-down version of the real world, approximately 100:1, for the sake of providing dense combat. While I appreciate this approach, I feel that they went too far in this direction: the geography feels far too scaled down, and the biome transitions are a bit too sharp for my taste. Overall, the small siz…
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HZDLocationHunter HZDLocationHunter 24 April 2018

Testing Weapon Info

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Sentry 616 Sentry 616 17 April 2018

RWBY Characters with HZD Weapons and Machine Companions

Each character gets four weapon "types," for the four quick select slots. Said weapon types will be based on their normal weapons and fighting styles. I might also give them a heavy weapon if It's fitting enough. Since lower tier version are made completely redundant once yoiu get the newer/better version, I'll assume they're using the best available.

I'm also giving them a fitting robot companion. For rather significant reasons, none of the Chariot line units are available, despite the fact that I find the image of Penny riding a Kopesh to be rather entertaining, if scary. I probably will give machine companions to characters before I assign them weapons. I was going to try to achieve balance, but I may have to throw that out for personali…

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HZDLocationHunter HZDLocationHunter 16 April 2018


Since we have no sandbox, and the map won't render until published... sorry

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HZDLocationHunter HZDLocationHunter 30 March 2018

Testing different options for Corrupted Zones information

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سلومي العليمي سلومي العليمي 23 March 2018

The Tribes

Every ethnicity in the world is divided into tribes, the Arabs are an example. I believe that all the tribes in HZD (Nora, Carja, Oseram, Banuk, Utaru, Tenakth) are a single ethnicity, and i prefer to call them "The Eleuthians".

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سلومي العليمي سلومي العليمي 11 March 2018

Cool Maps

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HZDLocationHunter HZDLocationHunter 11 March 2018

Territory Boundaries of the Carja Sundom at the end of HZD

I just edited part of this into the Sundom page but since theres quite a bit of speculation in it, I thought it would be good to discuss with others. Here is what I think:

The Sundom ends at Daytower Gate and Dawn's Sentinel in the northeast, the Spurflints to the southeast, the Spearshafts to the south, Navajo Mountain to the southwest.

Since the game reverts back to before the final battle, after you finish said battle, we can't be 100% certain that all of the Shadow Carja territory reverts back to the Carja. If it does then the Sundom appears to end at Daybrink and Valley of Omens in the west, Sunfall in the northwest, and possibly Unflinching Watch in the north. If it does not then the Sundom appears to end at Daybrink in the northwest a…

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Heshbruwn Heshbruwn 2 March 2018

Reddit AMA at 7pm CET time, March 2nd

Hello all,

There will be a reddit AMA with Ashly Burch and Lead Writer Ben McCaw at the HZD subreddit. Details are as follows:

Date: 2nd March 2018

Time: 7pm CET, the thread will be open for questions 30 minutes before.

Where: Horizon Zero Dawn subreddit

Make sure to pop by if you guys have any questions for them! :)

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Heshbruwn Heshbruwn 18 January 2018

A great big THANK YOU to all contributors

Hi all,

I know I haven't been an active contributor in this wikia for months, but I just wanted to tell you guys how grateful I am for the contributions to this wiki. I am absolutely amazed at how far this wiki has come, starting from a measely 30 pages, the HZD wiki now has more than 1.1k pages. The articles look absolutely amazing, bursting with content, images, and great formatting. So a great big thank you to all the contributors of this wiki (both active and new) and everyone in this amazing community. :)


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Lacrossedeamon Lacrossedeamon 27 November 2017

Frozen Wilds Collector's Edition Guide

I added a notice on this to the Community Message sidebar that can be found on the Recently Edited page but thought I’d add it here as well for more exposure:

Game guide publisher, Future-Press, who published the Collector's Edition Guide for the base game, has released a free PDF guide for the Frozen Wilds. They say it’s only available for a limited time. Check them out.

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Ofthenora Ofthenora 27 November 2017

Frozen Wilds Resources

Hey guys, I was just about to update the Resources pages to include the pages I've added so far for resources in the Frozen Wilds but I just wanted to check first how youse think it best be done. Do you want me to just slot them in and put a little 'FW' at the end or were youse thinking of doing a separate page or section of the original page for Frozen Wilds stuff eg. Frozen Wilds Resources page? Sorry if there was a post or something about this and I missed it, it's been a while since I was last on here. So far I've done some of the lenses and hearts, bones and skins and the two new medicinal resources. Also any ideas under what heading Bluegleam would come under? Ofthenora (talk) 12:58, November 27, 2017 (UTC)

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Random Side Quest Random Side Quest 30 October 2017

Charles Ronson Holo

      • Main Story Spoilers Ahead***

Outside of when Ted Faro murders the zero dawn Alphas, where can I find the actual hologram of Artemes Alpha Charles Ronson?? If anyone has this information it would be greatly appriciated! 



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Lacrossedeamon Lacrossedeamon 9 October 2017

1000+ Pages

Earlier today we hit the 1000 page mark. That’s really amazing. I don’t have the statistics but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out if this was one of the fastest growing wikias for a new IP. Keep up the great work. Thanks goes out to all the admins, editors, and of course the lovely devs at GG. Can’t wait for November and the Frozen Wilds.

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Ofthenora Ofthenora 20 September 2017

Hunting Grounds Keeper Pages

Hey guys, I was thinking of making separate pages for each of the Hunting Grounds Keepers but I noticed that for all the Hunting Grounds, the Keepers were the chosen image for that page. I was just wondering if we should change the picture for the Hunting Grounds to a picture of the grounds so that I can use the Keepers pictures for their pages, or it wouldn't be a big deal if they had the same images? Of course, any suggestions youse think would be better I'm open to or if youse don't want to put in separate Keepers pages, up to youse. 

Thank you as always, this wiki has come such a long way :)

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Random Side Quest Random Side Quest 15 September 2017

Video Lore Content

Hey there Admins,

Not sure if this, or your message wall is the best place to contact you so... I'll most likely do both. First of all, pheominal work on this wikia, very thorough and all intesive. I'm a huge lore nerd myself, and would love to provide some supplementary video lore content for your pages if permitted. If this is of any interest to you, I'd love to talk more. I'll leave some example work  below. 

Also, opinions and feedback from any fellow Horizon fans on my content is more than welcome. 

Thanks all!


Vantage Points

Recon Class Machines



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Queenmirelurk Queenmirelurk 2 August 2017


I've been trying to compile a full list of all the dialogue flashpoints in the game and each of the options. I'm confident that I am closing in on having a complete list. This is what I have come up with so far. I'm housing this here. I also have a word doc on my computer where I've typed up all the actual things she says for each choice (ie - with Teersa, "I found it beautiful" -> "I can't say it was comfortable, but I can see the beauty of the ritual, even so.")

I want to eventually figure out exactly what impact the choices that have consequences produce. If you know of any, please let me know! For example, Lansra changes later dialogue with you based on the choice you make in her flashpoint. Flashpoints that I know of as having consequen…

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Ofthenora Ofthenora 24 July 2017

Resource Images and Icons

Rookie question I think but I was just wondering how youse are getting the images/icons for resources without the little number in the corners? Just doing some of the resources pages, I noticed some don't have images in the site's database so I was going to get them myself but couldn't figure out how to get them other than snapshotting in-game (which would mean there's an attached number). Thank you :)

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Ofthenora Ofthenora 18 July 2017

Medicinal Resource page

Hello! I noticed that there aren't any pages for the medicinal resources such as Salvebrush and such. I'd be happy to add it in, I just wanted to ask first if youse are happy if I put them in the Resources page under another heading as Medicinal Resources? If not, I'm open to suggestions on what to put it under. 

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Nanohexagon Nanohexagon 9 July 2017

General categorization + Sub categorization = Ease of Use?

General categorization (Each Topic) + Subcategorization = Ease of Use?

General categorization is useful as the group all the relevant subject into one, it is important as Subcategorization which is basically the numbers of the books. General categorization is like the basic genre of the collection of books, which and basically what Index is in books. There should be only one of them for each though. They should be one for each major topic eg Character, Machines, Tribes, Locations, Skill, Lore, Weapons, Outfit (most revelant to Character as Doesn't have a list like Tribes or Machine) . As since there are already names used in Sub-category, they must be a different name. But as this system is already in place, I personally think this system i…

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Queenmirelurk Queenmirelurk 7 July 2017

Using Categories

I've noticied some inconsistencies with how we are using categories on this wiki. The editing guidelines state the following with regard to categories:

  • As a general guideline, please take a look at the blog post made by Lacrossedeamon on how we will categorize the wiki.
  • Any page belonging to a subcategory should not also be put under the parent category (e.g. Tearblaster is in the Ranged Weapons subcategory, it must not be found in the parent category Weapons).

Lacrossedeamon's blog post is great and expansive, but it doesn't cover locations or characters, which is where I am noticing the biggest issues.

Currently, the category page for locations has the following subcategories:

  • Locations by type
    • Cauldrons
    • Gates (just added)
    • Hunting Grounds
    • Ruins
    • Trib…
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Doctortortuga Doctortortuga 8 June 2017

Describing the purpose of each machine.

Hullo everyone! I'm somewhat new to this wiki, however I have just completed Horizon Zero Dawn and can say with certainty it is my favorite game that I have ever played. Point being, I would like to improve this wiki any way I can, especially in lore aspects. The first large project I am working on is determining the specific pre-Derangement purpose of each machine and how it contributed to recreating the biosphere. I will be adding these edits to each machine's wiki page, as well as possibly creating pages for each class of machine and how they work. I felt I should put my current thoughts here and leave them open to discussion.

  • 1 Aquisition Class Machines
    • 1.1 Terraformers
    • 1.2 Purifiers
    • 1.3 Recyclers
  • 2 Transport Class Machines

These machines seem to…

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Lacrossedeamon Lacrossedeamon 19 April 2017

Collector's Edition Guide

So obviously I got the guide. It's great; has a few typos and inconsistencies but not many. Loads of info on mechanics especially combat. Even has some encyclopedia like entries which were very nice and informative on some backstory. I'm willing to answer questions about the book but I honestly recommend buying it yourself and showing your support for these amazing creators.

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Lacrossedeamon Lacrossedeamon 13 April 2017

DLC Ideas Forum

So Guerrilla Games has shown great initiative and plays an active role within its fandom community. I'd like to create this as a forum where Wikia users can post their hopes for a DLC and maybe a dev will stumble upon here and draw from. I'll post some of my ideas below and I want y'all's critiques and thoughts.

- Escort Dervahl to Mainspring It is still possible to visit Dervahl in his cell in Meridian up until the very last mission. We know that the plan is to send him to Mainspring in the Claim to face justice however. I feel it would be very inline with either Erend or Avad to ask Aloy to be part of that convoy. Dervahl in the meantime could have been moved to a more permanent cell at Sunstone Rock where the mission would start. The fir…

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Bearborg Bearborg 10 April 2017

Loot Template

Working with the current table-based display of machine loot is really unpleasant, so I thought I'd try putting together a template to simplify things. If anyone wants to take a look here, I'd love feedback on what I've put together. For comparison, here's my template vs. the current implementation, using the example of Thunderjaws:

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Bearborg Bearborg 5 April 2017

Potential Notice layout

Testing out some styling that could possibly be useful for notices (e.g. Template:Merge). Work-in-progress.

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Heshbruwn Heshbruwn 2 April 2017

Editing Guidelines

Hi all,

I would like to inform all of you on the establishment of the Editing Guidelines. Currently, it is in the process of being set up, so it would help the wiki greatly if you could vote in the polls to help us decide which choice would be the best for the wiki. Additionally, if you have more ideas on other editing guidelines, feel free to pop by its Talk Page to say hi! 


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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 28 March 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn Community Choice Awards

Horizon Zero Dawn has been released for over a month. Now it's time for the community to vote on their favorite elements of this fantastic open world game! Take part in the Horizon Zero Dawn Community Choice Awards! Vote for your favorite selection in each category! This event will last for one month before the winners are selected and announced! Will your choices make the final cut? It's time to find out!

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Lacrossedeamon Lacrossedeamon 28 March 2017

Top Down Attempt at Categorizing


A. Skills
i. Prowler
1. Strike Line (these lines don't have in game names so I tried to use the common factor)
a. Silent Strike
b. Strike from Above
c. Strike from Below
d. Leader Strike
e. Strong Strike
f. Strong Strike+
2. Aim Line
a. Hunter Reflexes
b. Balanced Aim
3. Movement Line
a. Silent Drop
b. Low Profile
c. Dodge Prowess
d. Quite Sprint
ii. Brave
1. Focus Line
a. Concentration
b. Heavy Lifter
c. Concentration+
d. Fast Reload
e. Double Shot
f. Triple Shot
2. Critical Line
a. Critical Hit
b. Critical Hit+
3. Melee Line
a. Precision
b. Precision+
c. Knock Down
d. Fighting Back
iii. Forager
1. Override Line
a. Lure Call
b. Combat Override
c. Combat Override+
d. Call Mount
2. Heal Line
a. Healer
b. Herbalist
3. Resource Line
a. Gatherer
b. Scavenger
c. Ammo Crafter
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