Blazon Arch is a human settlement in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is home to a Shadow Carja army garrison.


Blazon Arch is a harbor settlement located on the northern edge of the Daybrink. Like most Carja settlements, it is comprised largely of sandstone with copper fixtures. Its namesake is a massive archway rivaling the ones seen in Meridian.

While considered a settlement, it serves mainly as an outpost for the Shadow Carja army.


Blazon Arch was founded by the fifth Sun-King Zavarad to commemorate the Carja tribe's expansion of the Sundom across the Great Lake of the Daybrink.[1] Prior to the Radiant Zavarad's expedition, the harbor settlement of Brightmarket represented the northern border of the Sundom.

In response to the disappearance of his brother and predecessor Iriv, The seventh Sun-King Basadid ordered a garrison of the Carja army to be permanently stationed at Blazon Arch.[1]


After the death of Jiran, it fell into Shadow Carja hands. It is effectively the southern border of Shadow Carja territory.

The fort is sparsely populated, as was the case even prior to the start of the Carja Civil War.[2]


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  • The arch itself does not appear on the game map.
  • Despite being held by the Shadow Carja, Aloy can visit freely at any time without reprecussion, even if undisguised. However, the nearby Kestrel's Perch is unsafe for Aloy to visit without her disguise.



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