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Blaze is a common resource in Horizon Zero Dawn.

This resource is a crafting material that causes fire elemental effects.


Blaze is most commonly seen in the possession of machines, either in canisters or sacs located somewhere on their bodies (most visibly the Fire Bellowback and the Grazer). It is gathered by most machines, though the herd machines such as the Grazer or Strider seem to be primary gathering models, using implements like saws or spinning blades to gather and store a measured amount of biomass. After the Blaze is gathered, it is brought back through unknown means to the Cauldrons and is used to fuel the great foundries there. Drones can also be seen in Cauldrons carrying canisters of what is presumably Blaze.

Humans also make use of Blaze in various ways: hunters and warriors use it for bombs and fire arrows, and the Oseram use it to ignite their forges and power their cannons. Humans generally store Blaze in barrels that glow green from the volatile material within. 

In Battle

In battle, the presence of Blaze is indicated on a machine by Blaze Canisters. A machine can have multiple Blaze Canisters on its back or rear end, and some Blaze canisters are larger than others. Blaze can be taken off of a machine by using Harvest Arrows or from an excess amount of damage. Blaze can also be set off by Fire Arrows, which will trigger a large elemental explosion that sets everything and everyone in its radius on fire.


This resource is needed to craft the following items.


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  • Blaze is some form of advanced biofuel, gathered and created by the herd machines and brought back to the Cauldrons in order to fuel the creation of new machines. It can be assumed that the Faro Plague also ran on Blaze, but were far more indiscriminate as to the source of the biomass.
  • Canisters are often seen strapped to the backs of machines, and can be ignited to cause damage.
  • Blaze is one of the most commonly used resources to craft ammunition; as such, many players run low on their stockpiles. The Nora Hunting Grounds is one of the best places to farm Blaze, with or without Harvest Arrows.
  • Fortnite features a Blaze Canister as a Back Bling, as well as a small map addition