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The Blast Sling is a ranged weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is a slow-firing slingshot that lobs explosive bombs with impact, proximity or time-delayed trigger mechanisms in a parabolic arc. It is best used to deal high impact and area damage, and can be used in both aggressive and stealthy playstyles.


The Blast Sling is one of the most versatile weapons available and can be used both offensively or defensively for immediate area attacks with Blast Bombs, stealthy ambushes with Sticky Bombs and preemptive strikes with Proximity Bombs. The wide blast radius can clear entire groups of humans and knock multiple components and armor plates off of larger machines, and the arcing trajectory enables launching over or past cover and obstacles to hit enemies outside Aloy's direct line of sight. The explosion generates a loud noise at the point of detonation which carries over a long distance and draws the attention of all machines within earshot, scaring skittish machines into fleeing in the opposite direction and prompting aggressive machines to investigate the source of the sound. However, supplying it with ammo takes a significant amount of Blaze over time if used regularly.

The Sticky Bombs, which have the highest damage per shot, also can serve as a very powerful starting ambush; machines do not become combat-alerted until one detonates at the end of the timer. If you are hidden in tall grass, you can plaster a single enemy with up to four Sticky Bombs from a safe distance and remain undetected, and given the sizeable base damage stat of the bombs plus damage coils, you could dish out a substantial amount of damage to a large machine before it can start fighting back.

Special Variant

The Lodge Blast Sling is available as reward from the quest Weapons of the Lodge, requiring player to earn at least a Half Sun mark on all 15 Hunting Grounds Trials throughout the base game; players cannot get a second unit in the same playthrough. It has identical stats and slot number to the Shadow Variant, albeit with higher base Handling of 70 which could improve its Damage per Second value.


Blast Bombs

Blast Bombs explode on impact.

Ammo Game Mode Damage
Blast Bomb.png
Blast Bomb
Story Damage-Icon.png 400
Easy Damage-Icon.png 125
Normal Damage-Icon.png 100
Hard Damage-Icon.png 90
Very Hard Damage-Icon.png 80
Ultra Hard Damage-Icon.png 70

Sticky Bombs

Sticky Bombs stick to targets and explode after five seconds.

Ammo Type Game Mode Damage
Sticky Bomb.png
Sticky Bomb
Story Damage-Icon.png 600
Easy Damage-Icon.png 188
Normal Damage-Icon.png 150
Hard Damage-Icon.png 135
Very Hard Damage-Icon.png 120
Ultra Hard Damage-Icon.png 105

Proximity Bombs

Proximity Bombs land on surfaces and behave as a landmine, detonating when neared.

Ammo Type Game Mode Damage
Proximity Bomb.png
Proximity Bomb
Story Damage-Icon.png 300
Easy Damage-Icon.png 94
Normal Damage-Icon.png 75
Hard Damage-Icon.png 60
Very Hard Damage-Icon.png 60
Ultra Hard Damage-Icon.png 53

Timed Grenades

Used only by NPCs, the Timed Grenade is a bomb that deals high explosive damage with a short fuse (approximately two and a half seconds) after it impacts a surface before it detonates. It appears similar to Sticky Bombs, but makes a distinct hissing noise as it travels, rapidly flashes orange, and leaves a small orange trail. Used almost exclusively by Shadow Carja, such as Shadow Archers and Cultist Dredgers, though some mercenaries also use it.

Ammo Types and Modification Slots by Variant

As with most weapons, the most basic versions of the Blast Sling cannot carry all types of the available ammunition.

Blast Bomb Sticky Bomb Proximity Bomb Mod Slots
Basic Blast Bomb.png 1
Carja Blast Bomb.png Sticky Bomb.png 2
Shadow Blast Bomb.png Sticky Bomb.png Proximity Bomb.png 3
AdeptNG+ Blast Bomb.png Sticky Bomb.png Proximity Bomb.png 4
Lodge Blast Bomb.png Sticky Bomb.png Proximity Bomb.png 3
Adept LodgeNG+ Blast Bomb.png Sticky Bomb.png Proximity Bomb.png 4

Acquisition Details

Variant Sources Regular Cost Ultra Hard Cost Sell Value
Basic Merchant-Icon.pngGeneral Merchants MetalShardsTransparent.png 200 MetalShardsTransparent.png 1,000 MetalShardsTransparent.png 30
Carja Merchant-Icon.pngTier 2/3/4 Merchants MetalShardsTransparent.png 400
10 Metal Vessel
1 Luminous Braiding
MetalShardsTransparent.png 2,000
20 Metal Vessel
2 Luminous Braiding
MetalShardsTransparent.png 50
Shadow Merchant-Icon.pngTier 3 & 4 Merchants MetalShardsTransparent.png 1,400
1 Lancehorn Heart
MetalShardsTransparent.png 7,000
2 Lancehorn Heart
MetalShardsTransparent.png 100
AdeptNG+ Merchant-Icon.pngTier 3 & 4 Merchants MetalShardsTransparent.png 2,800
1 Lancehorn Heart
1 Charger Heart
MetalShardsTransparent.png 14,000
2 Lancehorn Heart
2 Charger Heart
MetalShardsTransparent.png 100
Lodge Hunters Lodge 15 Half Sun marks 15 Half Sun marks MetalShardsTransparent.png 100
Hunters Lodge 15 Half Sun marks 15 Half Sun marks MetalShardsTransparent.png 100


  • The model of the Lodge Blast Sling is that of a recolored Sling instead of being similar to the regular variants.
  • Whether by design or a bug, bombs will not explode if they land in water.


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