"It seems you have a destiny to fufill. So when you're done feeling sorry for yourself, go to the Bitter Climb. I'll be waiting above in GAIA Prime's ruins."
Sylens, The Heart of the Nora

The Bitter Climb is an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is the name for the route leading to the ruins of GAIA Prime. It is the only known means of getting to these ruins.


The route is difficult, consisting of a demanding climb up two cliffs and the crossing of two plateaus. The second cliff and plateau must be scaled and traversed in a snowstorm. The route is also highly dangerous because of the ferocious machines that prowl it. The route's danger and difficulty dissuade explorers, delvers, and the curious from attempting to reach the GAIA Prime ruin.

Indeed, only two people have been known to successfully negotiate the route and reach the ruin: the maverick Banuk wanderer Sylens, and years later, the Nora Brave Aloy. While speaking to Aloy through her Focus as she made her way along the route, Sylens speculated that the machines that prowled the route were actually guarding the ruins.

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