"The blue light is strong here. My people traveled far from the heights of Ban-Ur to experience it for themselves."

The Banuk Encampment is a Banuk settlement in Horizon Zero Dawn found in the Longroam, north of the Sacred Lands. The nearest other Banuk settlement is Song's Edge.



Approximately twenty years prior, a mysterious processor of advanced origin crashed into the nearby mountains. This processor was speculated by CYAN to be part of the GAIA Prime facility, blasted away during the facility's destruction. Supporting this theory was the signal the processor emitted, which rendered machines within a certain range docile (possibly the means which GAIA used to control the machines maintaining her facilities).

Years later, during a harsh storm, a shaman named Tikuk came to the side of the mountain. At the site, he saw a crouching Thunderjaw, howling at the wind. Rather than attack him, the dying Thunderjaw allowed him to take shelter underneath it.

After years of increasing machine aggression, Tikuk was overjoyed at this phenomenon, believing that the blue light was particularly strong in the area. Rumors of the location quickly spread among the Banuk, who eventually formed a small settlement at the location. Machines that ventured near the site were rendered docile.

Destruction of the Artifact

News of the site eventually reached an Oseram mercenary named Vilgund, who hired four men (Bajund, Dorgeld, Garnund, and Menuf) to investigate. After speaking with the nearby Banuk, the men ventured into the mountain. There, they discovered the artifact and realized its effect on the machines. Sensing its potential value, Dorgeld suggested prying the artifact out of the ground and auctioning it off at Pitchcliff. Bajund and Menuf refused, aware of the artifact's damaged state and the fate of the encampment without the device to calm the machines; however, they were unable to stop Dorgeld and Garnund from attempting to extract it.

When Vilgund lost contact with the men he hired, he hired the Nora Aloy to investigate. Like the Oseram, Aloy was able to find the artifact, but arrived too late to stop Dorgeld from destroying it. Without the device's calming effect, the machines turned on the humans. Left with no other option, the Banuk (with Aloy's assistance) killed the now-aggressive machines.



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