Bandit Camps are a type of activity in Horizon Zero Dawn.


As the name implies, Bandit Camps are areas where bandits have built semi-permanent strongholds. The actual camps themselves consist mainly of crudely built fencing, walls, and ramshackle buildings made of jagged wood and metal. Numerous bandits can be found within the camp.

Bandit Camps serves as side quests and an extra challenge to Aloy on her journey. The player can choose to storm the various camps scattered across the map, sometimes with the help of Nil. Eliminating all the bandits within clears the quest and makes the camp a friendly-controlled area, allowing Aloy to gain valuable loot from both the bandit corpses and the ancient debris piles. A cleared camp will also contain a merchant and a campfire.

Bandit Camps

There are six Bandit Camps throughout Horizon Zero Dawn and one added with Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.

Completing all Bandit Camps will award the player with a PlayStation Trophy.


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