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The heartland of the nomadic Banuk, Ban-Ur is an isolated territory in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is located to the north of the Sacred Lands, northeast of the Sundom and east of the Claim, situated in the southern plains of the Yellowstone glacier.


Ban-Ur is an inhospitable region described by the Carja scholar Aram as "the most uncomfortable place in the world". The land in Ban-Ur has geothermal properties such as mists and geysers, described by Aram as "billows of steam that erupt from the earth".[1] Whilst a nomadic people, the Banuk rarely make camp outside of their territory; the exceptions to this general rule are the Banuk Encampment and the Cut.

Events of Horizon Zero Dawn

While mentioned by a number of characters and in datapoints, Ban-Ur can only be explored in the "Frozen Wilds" DLC. According to the Banuk shaman Siluk, significant events are taking place within Ban-Ur due to disagreements between hunters and shamans about how to respond to the changes in the world. As a result, many shamans have been exiled from Ban-Ur. Due to the Banuk's strength, as well as the harsh geography, Ban-Ur was untouched during the Red Raids, although the territory due south of it was plundered.


  • The Banuk homeland is located north of Nora territory, possibly corresponding to the state of Montana[2] and the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.


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  2. Roosevelt Arch is in Montana, but it is not near the gate to Ban-Ur in the northern part of the map of the Cut.