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"I was appointed by Sun-King Avad to make sure all Carja at this outpost show respect to the Nora."
―Captain Balahn

Balahn is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Balahn was part of the army that Avad, Ersa, and Erend raised to free Meridian, scaling the outer walls and securing the Temple of the Sun. He was then personally selected by Sun-King Avad to be Daytower's commander and ensure the Nora were properly respected by the Carja there - specifically, to make sure the Sundom didn't provoke the Nora any further. Following reports of corruption in the Sacred Lands, Balahn sent a group of soldiers into the valley by the border to investigate. When the reports confirmed his fears, he sealed Daytower in an attempt to contain the corruption to the east.

Aloy meets him after clearing a Corruptor and corrupted machines from the settlement's front gates.


Balahn is a firm supporter of Avad's reformed regime, believing that peace is strength. Balahn also appears to share Avad's respect for women, chastising his soldier Walid to address Aloy directly and show her the same respect women are afforded within the Nora tribe.

As a commander, Balahn is capable and reliable, showing genuine concern for his men and not making excuses for his mistakes. As commander of Daytower, he is acutely aware of the lingering animosity between the Nora and Carja, and does what he can to mitigate any tension. He carries himself with a serious demeanor, but is not above banter or lighthearted antics, playfully referring to Walid as "lunkhead".

Associated Quests

A Seeker at the Gates

After Aloy clears Corrupted machines from the Sacred Lands and defeats the Corruptor at the gate, the border is opened again. A Carja soldier advises Aloy to speak with Captain Balahn to discuss what to expect on the road to Meridian.

A Daughter's Vengeance

Balahn informs Aloy that Nakoa had been at Daytower earlier, where she attempted to kill Zaid. Balahn acknowledges Zaid's reputation among the Nora, but explains that Zaid claims to be confused for another commander, and there isn't enough evidence to confirm the accusations against him. Balahn directs her to Zaid to ask about Nakoa's incident.

If Aloy speaks to him again after completing the quest, Balahn will have learned of Zaid's slavery ring. Admitting his failure in not probing further, Balahn vows a full inquiry into Zaid's crimes, and asks Aloy to offer his personal apology and clemency to Nakoa should the two women ever meet again. Balahn acknowledges his apology will do little for Nakoa, but hopes the Nora will be able to recover from her trauma.

In Foreign Lands

After advising Aloy on her travel to Meridian, Balahn requests that she search for a missing Carja patrol in Valleymeet. While concerned for his men, Balahn recognizes the risk of provoking the Nora by sending soldiers so close to the border, a risk he would avoid with Aloy. In exchange for this favor, Balahn gives Aloy information about the Sundom, Meridian, and Olin.

Upon Aloy's return, Balahn confirms that Lakhir arrived at Daytower, although the latter became embarrassed when asked about Aloy.


  • If Aloy returns to speak with Balahn after completing A Daughter's Vengeance, he tells her to offer an apology to Nakoa on his behalf and vows a complete investigation into Zaid and his men.
  • Even after completing the quests he is associated with, him and Aloy can still act as though they are ongoing.
    • If the player has completed In Foreign Lands, he will still finish a conversation by asking for information on his "missing" men.
    • Despite apologising for Zaid's actions, following the player's completion of A Daughter's Vengeance, he will defend the man's honour if the player decides to ask about him again.
    • He can also describe the Carja and Olin long after the player first asked about them.
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