Bajund is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Along with MenufGarnund and Dorgeld, Bajund is one of the Oseram that Vilgund hired to investigate the Banuk Encampment for anything valuable.

Associated Quests

A Moment's Peace

Upon discovering an ancient artifact, Garnund and Dorgeld suggested auctioning it at Pitchcliff; however Menuf and Bajund refused to have anything to do with it, knowing that if they removed the artifact from the area, the Banuk in the camp below would be massacred by the machines.

When confronted by Aloy, he asks for her assistance in persuading the other Oseram to leave the artifact be.


  • Bajund has the same face model as Zaid, a Carja soldier. Both are based on a facial scan of actor Billy B. Collins.
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