Captain Ayomide Okilo was the Alpha in charge of the MINERVA subordinate function.


Ayomide Okilo was a military captain, presumably of Nigerian origin. Due to its supply of lithium, her country was invaded numerous times by military robots, including Metallurgic International and U.S. Robot Command. Captain Okilo was well-versed in human-robot conflict, and had some of her limbs replaced with prosthetics due to combat injuries. She was evidently proud of her military service, as she asked Elisabet Sobeck to refer to her by her rank.

Project Zero Dawn

Captain Okilo was consulted by Elisabet Sobeck to be part of Project Zero Dawn. By this point, Okilo was aware that there were not enough resources to break through the Faro Plague's security protocols, and was disappointed when her suspicions were confirmed. However, Okilo agreed to be a part of the Project.

Okilo was made the Alpha of MINERVA, in charge of deciphering and broadcasting the kill codes for the Faro Plague. In January 2066, Okilo and the other Alphas relocated to GAIA Prime (forgoing Elysium in the process), where they would spend the rest of their lives perfecting their respective subordinate function.


On February 2, 2066, all of the Alphas, including Captain Okilo, were killed by Ted Faro following his deletion of the APOLLO archive.


Okilo's work with MINERVA was ultimately successful: multiple broadcast towers were constructed, broadcasting the kill codes for the Swarm. In doing so, the terraforming process could begin restoring the barren Earth.

One of the broadcast towers, which would come to be known as the Spire by the surrounding humans, would play a significant role in the creation of the Carja tribe. As a result, the Spire became a central part of the Carja faith, and the mesa it was located on became the burial grounds of Sun-Kings and nobles. However, the rogue subordinate function HADES would attempt to use the Spire to reawaken the Faro Plague and wipe out life again.

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