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Araman is a mentioned-only character in Horizon Zero Dawn. He was the first Sun-King and the founder of the Carja tribe.


Araman grew up in the Savage East, an area which would come to be known to as the Sacred Land.

One day, Araman found the Leaves of the Old Ones in a ruin, illuminated by a ray of sunlight. From the Leaves, he learned the practice of observing the sun, and of man's position in the world. While some of the members of his tribe understood the potential the Leaves possessed, the majority of the tribe shunned and rejected them. As a result, Araman and his supporters were cast out of the tribe.[1]

Araman and his followers wandered in the wild for years, forced to face both the elements and the persecution of other tribes. Using the Leaves as his guide, Araman followed Glinthawks to the Spire, and saw the Spire's shadow stretch across a mesa in the nearby valley, Upon this mesa, Araman build a settlement for himself and his followers, naming it Meridian after a passage from the Leaves.

Meridian's surrounding geography and abundant resources allowed it to thrive, giving it both safety, security, and opportunity for trade. Araman and his followers would come to be known as the first members of the Carja tribe, and Araman was declared the first Sun-King.

Araman would eventually be succeeded, likely upon his death, by the Radiant Amavad.


Araman is revered among the Carja as the founder of their tribe, and is believed, like all Sun-Kings, to be a representative for the Sun. What he learned from the Leaves not only served as the basis for the Carja faith, but the knowledge contained within them, including a written language, helped the Carja tribe to expand and advance far sooner than any of the surrounding tribes.


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