Aram, also known as the Well-Traveled Aram, is a mentioned-only character in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is a Carja scribe who authored a number of travel guide glyphs, namely Rumors of the NoraA Guide to Ban-Ur and the Banuk, and A Guide to The Claim.


Sometime after the Liberation, Aram began exploring the tribal regions neighboring the Sundom in the hopes of gathering knowledge about the other tribes to educate the Carja. Based on glyphs authored by Aram, he traveled to the Oseram territory of the Claim and the Banuk territory of Ban-Ur. In both expeditions, Aram was overwhelmed by the cultural differences, and found the experiences unpleasant.

While he planned an expedition to the Sacred Land, and even made it as far as Hunter's Gathering, it is unknown if he ever traveled to Nora lands. Aram planned to include a female scribe on his expedition, hoping this would help him gain the trust of the matriarchal Nora.


Despite his efforts to explore other tribes, Aram's efforts are hindered greatly by his own culture. His glyphs show disdain for the tribes he has visited and an elitist attitude consistent with many among the Carja.

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